Friday, December 2, 2022

A glimpse of glory

2 Cor. 12:2-4 - "I know a man in Christ, who was caught up to the third heaven under fourteen years; whether he was caught up with the body, I do not know, whether he was caught up without the body. God only knows that. I know that man. He was caught up to heaven, and he heard the words of the Holy Spirit; and the man heard the words. Do not utter.” As my grandmother lay in a coma for several days, the hospital room was dark, It was quiet. My mother and my daughter were sitting beside her bed when the door of the room opened. Our junior pastor, Adrian Rogers with one of his attendants He came to visit and pray. After sharing the scriptures, they joined hands and prayed that my grandmother would enter heaven peacefully. After they pray she sits on the bed and opens her eyes (like a dove) and makes a mournful cry, Oo, Aha, Amma, Amma. "She'll see daddy!" said one. To that Dr. Rogers Responding “No, she sees Jesus! Everyone agreed. She did not say another word. And soon she went to be with Jesus. but God allowed her to see the glory before she died. In our passage, Paul speaks of one who has received a vision of glory. Then he realized that I was the person in the passage (v. 7). He was taken to paradise. There he heard strange sounds and sights saw That incident changed his life forever. God had to put a thorn in his flesh to keep him from being spiritually proud. From then on, more than ever, he lived completely in touch with Jesus. Once we see the glories of heaven and the glorious face of Jesus, we are lost to worldly charms. Before you die you may not have a vision of the glorious moment of heaven like Paul did, but you can have the certainty that heaven is your home. If you are born again your name is in the book of life. You are a vision of heavenly glory, You will have the joy of seeing the true glory of God and Jesus forever.

Established in Christ

Ephesus. 1:4,5 - "Who adopted us as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the good pleasure of his will, having predestined us for himself, that we should be holy and blameless before him." Before the foundation of the world, he created us in Christ." What does the Bible mean when it says that Christians are created? Before the foundation of the world, God sent some to hell and some to heaven. Some say decided. But is it a biblical doctrine or a myth? These arguments seem to reject the biblical idea that man has a will to decide. Do you have another reliable alternative? When the Bible says that man is chosen or created by God, the word “in Christ” clearly emphasizes that idea. For example in our passage Paul says - God the Father established Christians "in Christ" before the foundation of the world. They were “predestined for adoption. As children of God, “through Jesus Christ”. In other words, God did not choose individuals to be saved before they were born, but He predestined each saved person to be so “in Christ” or “through Christ”. God chose the will to save, but He did not specifically choose whom He would save. On many occasions, Dr. I spoke with Herskel Hubbs, the late Baptist pastor, author, and theologian, about our scriptures. He gives an illustration - what it means is that God has built a fence, and that fence is Christ All who remain and enter through that fence are saved. Because they are "in Christ." Willingly fence (all who are outside of Christ perished The will to be saved is predestined but not who will be saved. God says that some and all must be saved. (1Timothy 2:3,4). He never forces anyone to be saved, but He He chooses those who choose Jesus the Son. Those who have faith in Christ and are converted will go to heaven. why Because we are formed in Him.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

February 9th crowd at Silus

19:17-20 “They took Jesus away, and he carried his cross He carried it and went to the place of the skull. In Hebrew it is called Golgotha. there One on this side and one on that side and put Jesus in the middle and two with him Crucifixion And Pilate - the king of the Jews indulged in Jesus of Nazareth He wrote it and put it on the cross. The city where Jesus was crucified was approaching; It was written in Hebrew, Greek, and Roman languages, so among the Jews Many have read it.” Jesus was crucified in public for all to see. He is Who witnesses the death? At first, there were two thieves. One protection Because he believed in him. Another rejected (Luke 23:29 -43). They are the representatives of all people who will be saved or perish. Some religious leaders are there. The chief priests, the scribes, and the elders saw the death of Jesus Delighted in reproach (Matthew 27:41-43). There were some Roma soldiers. They nailed Jesus to the cross according to custom. In pain, in agony Ignoring it, he cast lots for clothes. There are some disciples. He asked John to take care of his elderly mother, Mary (John 19:26,27). Mary Magdalene was also a witness of His death (John 19:25). Peter and others saw it "from a distance" (Matthew 26:58). Jesus' mother Mary was there with her relatives (John 19:25). When he was a baby, As a boy, he was with him throughout his life, even at the time of death It also refused to release. Other people are there too. As Jesus proclaims Many have heard. They saw miracles being done. There is God the Father. the cross Jesus prayed for you (Luke 23:34-46). Finally, you, me too We are there. It was our sins that crucified Jesus (Isaiah 53:6). He is Love kept him there. As you think about those who were with Jesus at Golgotha, then Add that you are there too. For what the Lord did for you that day Give thanks. While he was on the cross, you were not only in his mind,

You are actually there!

God's will for everyone February 8

1 Thess. 5:16-18 - “Pray without ceasing; Always happy stay In everything give thanks. Jesus does this God's will for you in Christ.” God has a special purpose for every Christian. He is The will is good, agreeable, and perfect (Romans 12:2). The best, it blesses us, the favorable because it is willing Touchable, perfect because our divine Heavenly Father's heart and Because it comes from the hand. His scriptural commands are common to all believers God has the will. Three of them are mentioned in our scriptures. Be happy always. "Always rejoice." Christians are theirs You cannot lose salvation, but you can lose the joy of salvation (Psalm 51:12). God is his He replenishes us with joy. One quality of the fruit of His Spirit is joy (Galatians 5:22,23). That joy strengthens us (Nehemiah 8:10). situation No matter what, we should always rejoice (Philippians 4:4). All should be prayed. "Pray without ceasing." We are spiritual You can't become a monk, but you have to pray without ceasing. An attitude of constant prayer to have and live (Col. 4:2). When we are told to abide in Him Jesus had this kind of mutual communication in mind (John 15). Always be grateful. "In everything give thanks." To God we are not to give thanks for all things, but all together Knowing that He is able to work for our good, we are thankful in all things must be paid (Romans 8:28). For those who praise Him even in times of sorrow and hardship He can perform miracles (Revelation 16:25, 26).| Every Christian is always rejoicing, praying and giving thanks God wants to be. One who knows God's will and lives without doing it was in sin (James 4:17). These simple, small things are powerful Obey the commandments today. Because they are His image for you!

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

A healthy community February 7

Apo. Ka. 9:31

"So all the countries of Judea, Galilee, and Samaria The community had a well-being solution; And in the Lord He walked in fear and in the grace of the Holy Spirit.”I love community. Love its foundation – Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 3:11), its fellowship, those born again (1 Peter 1:23), its future Raptured to spend eternity with Jesus (1 Thess. 4:13-18). A healthy community how about A healthy community has an answer (“has an answer”). will be Free from strife and conflict. Ministries with kindness and spiritual courtesy run Members love each other. Do not tolerate mobsters. A healthy community "thrives"). members They encourage each other. Jealousy and selfish desires do not exist. Other Every member considers the member more important than himself. A healthy community Fearful ("walks in the fear of the Lord"). Each The member is in awe of the Lord Jesus with loving wonder. He is the source of their worship. He is the vessel for their obedience and exaltation. A healthy congregation is anointed ("the grace of the Holy Spirit"). soul worship, To build proclamation, prayer, giving, ministries, plans, people Energizes. Finally, a healthy community is one that grows (“expands”). Natural product growth of good health. Those who are being saved are in the congregation of the Lord (Acts 2:47) A community that is not growing is sick And it needs healing. Local communities are not perfect. Because the pastor, the staff, the members All are sinners saved by grace. However, everything is better than the ideal world A poor community has become better. As a Christian, be involved in the local community. He loved the church and gave himself for it (Eph. 5:25). If He still loves the community, we should too!


Call to Discipleship February 6

"Follow me, and I will catch you men." He told them that he would do it, and immediately they left their nets Matthew 5:19, 20 He was chased.” Great leaders attract followers. To go where he goes, himself A leader of others to do what he does, to share life's journey with Affects. Jesus is the greatest of all leaders. than anyone in history Many followed him. Immediately, with all his heart What does that mean when he calls his disciples to follow? A call to chase a person. Jesus to persecute the religious leaders We are not called upon. But he says, "Follow me." with himself He wants a personal relationship. He walks with me, I talk with me He tells me that he owns it. In His presence we are in His likeness Let's transform. As we pursue, He is ours every step of the way Holds his hand. A call to become something. To turn men into silk fishermen Jesus is calling us. He wanted to share the gospel of Christ with the lost people leading To make non-Christians believe in Him if you follow Him He teaches how to lead. Those who catch men are the ones closest to Jesus Pursuing Those who do not are not with Him. It is so clear. A call to let go of something. The early disciples heard the call of Jesus, They immediately abandoned their fishing and followed him. Their decision is great Bright, radical. However, in comparison to the blessings they will later experience Very little was left at the Sea of ​​Galilee. Also, we are Jesus What we have left to chase, is more than we can imagine Jesus fills that gap with blessings. Jesus is still calling people. You say 'yes' to His call If not, do it today. Old life if you answer his call Teach Jesus to save the souls of the lost and lost. He is Obey the call today. Be His faithful and obedient disciple.

Baby, relax February 5th

Psalm 46:10 - "Come and know that I am God. Among the nations I will be exalted, I will be exalted over the earth.” The sound of thunder and lightning from the sky shook the foundations of our house came A storm in the middle of the night made so much noise that I couldn't sleep. Suddenly, our i realized that someone was in the bedroom. Two little eyes looking at me crookedly I saw "Daddy, I'm scared, can I sleep with you?" My child is our eldest I opened the curtain to get on the bed. “Sleep, mother,” I said. That's it Only rain and lightning. Lord save us. Keep your eyes open Shut up.” Within moments my baby fell asleep. The storm continues to rage. But she didn't hear it again. It is lying safely between mom and dad. His All is calm in the small world. It is very difficult to calm a frightened child. So is the child of God. Our Regardless of age, staying calm is a problem we face Sometimes it's hard to feel like it's over. Life storms us Disturbing. Don't be afraid of your children at such a time, 'Oorakundudi' God tells us to let go of everything that scares us. It means not trying The meaning is the same. He asked me to calm down and rest physically, emotionally and spiritually He wants He controls our lives. Brace us with fear Protects from any situation that leads to loss. If we believe in Him, we will His plan must be fulfilled. Are thunder and lightning in your life making you nervous? If so, come to your heavenly Father. Come into His presence through prayer. Surround you with His love and grace, His shields of care. Your upset His soft voice soothes the heart, "My son, my daughter, Don't be afraid, don't worry, just relax, let go, be still!"